How I can help you.

HMC helps clients stay on top of their communications and be proactive with story telling.


Through a consultative process, I can uncover the right messages, audiences, platforms, and timing that fits best with your organization’s goals. You don’t need to be everywhere all the time – but you do need to be focused and deliberate with the tactics and platforms you do use.


Once we’ve got a strategy in place, we can then create a weekly schedule for you and your team so that you can implement your strategy seamlessly into your regular processes.

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HMC can help set the direction of your content strategy by identifying themes, campaign ideas, and creative ways to keep your audience in love and obsessed with what you do. Once the themes are in place, we can also help you curate and develop quality content for your website and social media platforms.

What does this look like?

  • Strategy: creating a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar bespoke to your organization and industry; integrated with your overarching goals


  • Copywriting: writing blogs, website pages, product descriptions, advertising materials, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks, brochures

  • Design: creating professional and brand aligned infographics, social media images, reports, and presentations

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The spirit at HMC is simple.

We believe that the most successful organizations:


  • Have a solid communications strategy

  • Create quality content

  • Genuinely value relationships and

  • Listen to their audience, market and industry.


That’s why I have aligned my services to meet these objectives – take a closer look to see all of the ways I can support you.

HMC helps clients manage their relationships, foster connections, and grow audiences.

Practically speaking, this can look like:

  • Social Media Management: scheduling posts, monitoring your online reputation, evaluating account analytics, managing paid advertising, engaging with your online community, and developing crisis response strategies


  • Media Relations: promoting your organization and campaigns to the right media outlets, writing and sending press releases, and managing the long term relationship between your organization and the press


  • Outreach: finding opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and events with relevant leaders, influencers, and organizations.

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HMC can help you listen to your audience, research market opportunities and threats, and report on high level industry trends.


What does this look like?


  • Primary Research: Works best if you have a specific question you want answers to; this can be accomplished by listening techniques, surveys, and interviews


  • Secondary Research: Works best if you want insight about a topic or market; this can be accomplished by gathering and synthesizing existing research and reporting on its relevancy to your research question.

  • Communications: The companion to your research: writing blogs, case studies, white papers; designing infographics and presentations; creating promotional strategies for press and social media

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