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HMC Explains: Public Relations

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

What is modern day PR?

Modern day PR is all about valuing relationships and not being afraid to shout about yourself.

It’s about building your reputation consistently over time, and making sure to maintain positive relations among your entire network of people – including clients, employees, partners, suppliers, professional bodies, the media, and civic organizations.

Managing all of these relationships can be a time consuming balancing act - but, with the many challenges come potential for many opportunities.

How can my organization benefit from PR tactics and strategies?

In a world of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and automation, people now crave authentic and genuine relationships; but, they expect it at great speed and efficiency. Having the right PR approach, policies, and processes in place can help you maintain existing relationships, gain new connections, and build a positive reputation – ultimately helping your brand gain loyalty, exposure, growth, and sustainability.

How can HMC help?

HMC helps clients manage their relationships, foster connections, and grow audiences.

Practically speaking, this can look like:

  • Social Media Management: scheduling posts, monitoring your online reputation, evaluating account analytics, managing paid advertising, engaging with your online community, and developing crisis response strategies

  • Media Relations: promoting your organization and campaigns to the right media outlets, writing and sending press releases, and managing the long term relationship between your organization and the press

  • Outreach: finding opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and events with relevant leaders, influencers, and organizations.

To learn more or request a general pricing proposal, please visit the contact page to get in touch.

- Shelby

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