More about HMC

HMC was born out of frustration, failure, and a desire to create a communications agency with integrity, authenticity, and a passion for positive messaging. In an attempt to find my place within a highly competitive and sometimes deceptive industry, I have decided to look beyond the corporate giants, the consulting firms, and the powerful media conglomerates; and instead, create my own space and work with purpose.


HMC proudly serves clients in the nonprofit, arts & entertainment, and lifestyle sectors – giving them all the fuel and voice they deserve.

Everyone's story is different. Here's how mine has inspired and shaped the way we do things at Hale Marketing and Communications.

Originally from Oklahoma, USA, my career took a dramatic turn when my first job after graduating with an Accounting degree was not actually in Accounting, but rather in Marketing at a multinational company based in the Swiss region. Inspired by the global communications challenges of my team, I decided to take my career to the next level and pursue a Master’s degree in Corporate Communications and Reputation Management at The University of Manchester in the U.K. After researching and writing my dissertation on strategies in Employer Branding, I began working freelance as a communications specialist for a Manchester based social enterprise devoted to eliminating the stigma of mental health.


Shelby Hale; Founder HMC, M.Sc. Corporate Communications and Reputation Management



During this time I have gained experience in content strategy development, editorial planningcampaign management, PR and outreach, copy-writing, graphic design, social media management, and crisis communications.

My vision for HMC is twofold: to provide specialized, contemporary, and industry relevant communications support to my clients while also enhancing the broader digital landscape that we all enjoy. In a time when people are overwhelmed with platforms, channels, and mass influencing campaigns, it has never been more important to listen to our audiences and provide them with authentic relationships, valuable content, and real stories. As a communications professional, it is my job to get the right messages to the right audiences in the right way – and I plan to do just that; getting people inspired, excited, and enthusiastic about your brand.

HMC is grounded in the idea of working with purpose. Through my work, I am on a mission to improve the following areas in my community and industry by:


  • Improving access to professional communications services for nonprofits, artists, small businesses, and community interest groups who make a positive impact on the world. 

  • Becoming a part of the greater industry transition towards higher quality digital content, authentic relationship building, and customer-centric, experience based marketing, advertising, and communications tactics.

  • Promoting media literacy and empowering people to think critically, seek reliable and high quality news sources, understand the forces, motivations, and interests behind advertising and influencing campaigns, and become aware of the impact of social media on mental health. 

My values are at the core of how I operate and what I bring to the table.


These include:





Listening: I prioritize asking questions, learning about your industry and digging deep over “quick” fixes and industry “shortcuts”. What works for some projects might not work for others; and I will prioritize listening to your needs and your audience's needs.

Openness: New ideas are not meant to be scary, wrong, or threatening. Being open minded not only keeps life fresh, but can help organizations stay ahead, improve, and grow. This is why I continuously seek ways to stay creative and innovative; and am all ears when it comes to new suggestions and ideas.

Deliberate: I believe there is a balance to be struck between staying open and flexible and being deliberate with decision making. With the long-game in mind, I seek solutions that are well thought out, sustainable, and effective.


Originality: I believe that what makes people and brands unique is also what makes them thrive. The organizations I work with are already amazing; I don't need to fix them, cover them up, or pretend they are something else. This is why I seek to bring out the existing voice, personality, and point of view of my clients. 

Positivity: Glass half full. When life hands you lemons. And seeing the silver lining in every cloud. An optimistic mindset is crucial to success in our personal and professional lives; making us resilient, thankful, and consistently happy.  This is why I strive to bring a positive attitude to every challenge and project.